Circlet Press Anthology Release; Like A Spell Vol.2: Fire

The second volume of the long-awaited Circlet Press anthology quadrilogy Like A Spell has landed! This time the book is titled “Fire” and features a wonderful selection of gay fantasy erotica.

Fire focuses on the love between men, with stories by Avery Vanderlyle, J. C. Williams, Ellis Sandry, Rhidian Brenig, Lucien Grey and Welton B. Marsland.

“When we thought fire, we thought of the passion and heat of men, the all-encompassing flames of their desires. We thought of the fire gods Ra and Vulcan, Agni and Xiuhtecuhtli. We thought about strength, ferocity, and power.”

The book is available on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Kobo. You can pick up a copy of the first volume by following the various links on the book’s blog page. Authors also love hearing what their readers think so if you have the time leave the book a review.

Like A Spell: Fire, edited by Jennifer Levine.

Note: watch this space for some teasers for my own story, a heterosexual erotica featuring a witch and a man who thinks he knows what he wants. Set to land early 2018, it will be in the third instalment of the anthology series.


On Watching More Smut Than Your Partner

Some men are just not that into porn. My partner isn’t and I don’t think he ever has been, whereas I do watch it from time to time. I don’t spend an awful lot of time seeking it out; it’s more of a backdrop to my fantasies while soloing. And even when I’m watching porn, I imagine it’s me and my boyfriend doing what’s happening on screen. Ultimately, we fill my fantasies together, even if the faces and bodies of the actors don’t match up.

My partner, on the other hand, isn’t that fussed. I would not suggest us watch porn together because I know it’s not something that would turn him on, not when we are physically in the room together. His approach is “Why watch other people having sex when we could do it?”

Regardless of my occasional porn watching, I do see his point. For many people, watching porn is tied tightly to masturbation – it’s a visual prompt, and as an added bonus it can inspire new ideas for real life sexual exploration.

Porn can be a touchy subject (oh, har-har) when one half of a couple partakes and the other does not. But it’s perfectly OK, either way. The whole point of having someone to explore physical pleasures with is that you discover what works for you and what doesn’t, and you understand that your other half probably won’t like everything you like and vice versa. Watching porn is not unhealthy for most people.

There is a time and a place for constructive discussion about the exploitation of porn actors and the over-sexualisation of women, and those venues are important. But before you dive in do take a moment to research, particularly for articles or videos from the porn actors’ point of view. Not all porn springs from something shady and unhealthy, and watching it is entirely down to personal taste. It’s best to simply respect that not everyone is into the same things.

Circlet Press Anthology Release: Like A Spell Vol.1: Earth

The Like A Spell anthology quadrilogy has already begun its venture into the erotica world, with the first instalment – themed “Earth” – having made its debut a couple of months ago. The Like A Spell series is a collection of magical erotica but with a fresh spin on magical folk, and they come in bite-sized portions making them perfect for reading at home or on the go (never be afraid to blush on public transport).

Earth focuses on the love between women, with stories by TS Porter, Janelle Reston, Michael M. Jones and Rae MacGregor. From the Circlet Press blog:

For the earth anthology, we’ve focused on stories portraying the love between women. When we thought earth, we thought of the Greek goddess Gaia and the Indian goddess Prithvi; we thought of the ubiquitous “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature”; above all, we thought of fertility and life.

The book is available on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Kobo. You can pick up a copy of the first volume by following the various links on the book’s blog page. Authors also love hearing what their readers think so if you have the time leave the book a review.

Like A Spell: Earth, edited by Jennifer Levine.

I have a short story coming up in the third volume, which should be released in the first quarter of 2018. Until then, the second volume is right around the corner. Watch the Circlet blog or the Circlet Twitter for updates.

Sexy Chemises and Beautiful Bralets Aplenty

I am a huge lover and collector of lingerie. I love looking through sexy underwear sites, blogs and catalogues. I love going into lingerie shops and running my fingers over the lace and satin and chiffon. I love finding that perfect little babydoll or basque or bra, and trying it on. I love how well-made lingerie pulls me in and pushes me out at all the right places.

You could wear a baggy tracksuit or a bin liner, but the right underwear can make you feel like a queen underneath. There’s a certain kind of magic to it.

I have far, far too much lingerie than is necessary for one woman, but nothing beats the thrill I get when my man undresses me or I undress for him and he spots a beautiful bra and knicker set he hasn’t seen before. That look of surprise, the “Oh, that’s new!” And the rest… :)

These are a few of my go-to places for gorgeous, sexy, high-quality underwear and nightwear.

Undiz – I discovered this store while on a trip to Paris and fell utterly in love with the styles, colours and fabrics. The best thing was finding out that they ship outside of France! At times Undiz sit on the slightly quirkier side of underwear, sleepwear and loungewear, but they are more than capable of doing sexy-classy or just downright sexy. I have yet to buy an item from them that hasn’t exceeded my expectations and in my experience they are consistently true to size (I currently own perhaps fifteen items made by Undiz). They are also constantly adding and updating their range, so it’s worth checking their website regularly.

Ann Summers – I would think most people have heard of Ann Summers, if not seen / worn it. It’s so well known, and yes, at times it is considered cliche. But it has to be here because the quality of the underwear is excellent and there is something for every shape, size and taste. You really can go as sexy as you like.

Harness Brazaar – I am so digging eyelash lace right now, and I love that these bras and harnesses are hand-made. Every item will be unique.

Clementine Lingerie – I utterly love how they mix harness with lace. The designs are so beautiful and unusual. This is delicacy and intimacy with an edge.

ASOS – ASOS stock a lot of different brands, but I quite like their own range of underwear and lingerie, with its many different styles to cover most bases. ASOS own brand is usually more affordable than a lot of the bigger brands, but with just as much appeal and quality.

La Senza – La Senza was the first place I ever bought non-practical bras, and where I first found out I loved lingerie and wanted to own more. I have found a couple of lush babydolls at La Senza and I have no complaints about the quality.

These are just a starting point; there are many places to pick up lingerie. Part of the fun is the exploration and testing your own boundaries.

Story Teaser Poster: Refrain

So I have a short erotic fantasy story coming out at some point (TBA). It’s being published by the wonderful Circlet Press in their upcoming anthology “Like a Spell”. I recently commissioned a graphic designer to create a teaser poster for the story, and I’m happy to be able to share it.


I’m not sure when the anthology will be out but I will keep my ear to the ground and update when a release date has been decided.

Recent Twitter-Length Fiction

Twitter is fabulous and I love it, but one of its drawbacks is that it’s so easy to miss things because everything moves so quickly. I’ve been posting the odd little nugget of Twitter-length fiction recently so I thought I’d compile them into blog posts for those who haven’t seen them and might be interested.

Some are erotica, some are about relationships in general, and most of them are speculative in nature. (You can also find everything on my Bibliography.)

Inhuman Desire – He just can’t resist.

The Trade – What are you willing to become?

After the Crash – He’s never really gone.

Shifters – They’ve known each other such a long time.

Remake – If at first it doesn’t succeed…

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays! I hope that whatever you do (even if you don’t celebrate anything) you have a fabulous day.

And just in case I don’t get chance to post again before New Year, have a wonderful one of those too! May 2016 bring you health, happiness and of course lots of smutty goodness.

[Free Fiction] Auto-Love | Erotica Sci-Fi, 127 Words

“Tell me you love me,” she gasps, clamping her sweaty thighs around his waist. She rakes her fingers through his soft dark hair and then balls them into fists, drawing back his head so she can look into his ice-blue eyes.

“I love you,” he says, and thrusts harder, going deeper still. His strong arms and solid hips rivet her to the wall; at this angle, it feels like he fills every inch of her.

She comes, cursing and shuddering in his grip. She feels him smile against her damp neck.

“I love you,” he says again, quieter, not out of breath. She doesn’t need to prompt him this time. She didn’t need to prompt him the first time.

After all, he’s programmed to say it twice.

Story Sale: Refrain (Circlet Press)

I’m thrilled to announce that my short erotic fantasy story “Refrain” has been picked up by Circlet Press and will be included in their Like A Spell anthology.

I’ll post more information about the ebook and links to where you can grab a copy once it’s released (TBA), but for now here is a small snippet from my story:

“Who are you?” Arousal roughened Jack’s voice. “Seriously?”

“Somebody who has been around for a long time,” Marlene said. “And seen enough heartache to last ten lifetimes. Honestly, Jack, it’s easier to just enjoy the moment and not expect anything.”

“That’s a hair too cynical for me.”

“I’m trying to help you.”

“Maybe.” Jack turned her hands over so they were palm-up. He traced the map of lines and mounts, and for a moment Marlene worried that he could divine all the things from her long life that she couldn’t tell him. “Or maybe I’ll help you instead.”

Many thanks to editor Jennifer Levine for giving me this opportunity!