Affinity Entwined Audiobook – Out Now!

Thrilled – thrilled I say- to announce that the audiobook version of my short erotic dark fantasy (with added tentacles) story Affinity Entwined is out now and ready for download!

Audiobook Title Link: Affinity Entwined
Narrator: Jasmine Rodgers

Jasmine has done a fantastic job of narrating this story. It was far less painful for me as the writer to hear my own story read to me (something I’m sure many authors struggle with!) than I expected, because Jasmine has read it beautifully. I’m so happy to be able to share this.

If you listen to the story I would love to hear what you think. Drop me a comment here or email me vacatesero(at)gmail(dot)com.

Oh, and if you have a couple of minutes, please review the story on Goodreads.


Affinity Entwined Cover and Goodreads

The amazing House of Erotica had their design team create a gorgeous cover for my fantasy erotica story Affinity Entwined, and here it is:


There is also now a Goodreads page for the story, which you can find here: Goodreads! I would love to hear what you think of the story, so please drop a comment there or here if you read it.

[Publication] Affinity Entwined | House of Erotica

I am so happy to finally be able to announce that my short fantasy erotic story Affinity Entwined has been published! The story was picked up by the brilliant House of Erotica – a high-quality publisher of erotic fiction, including audiobooks, paperbacks and ebooks. You can find my story at their website:

Title: Affinity Entwined
Genre: Erotic fantasy
Themes: heroic women, swamps, action, and a curious, many-limbed creature!

Synopsis: Taran is a strong, confident swordswoman who had the misfortune of capturing the interest of the wicked Lord Baqus. She has wanted nothing more than to escape his evil black tower, but now that she is free and on the run she has nowhere to go except the sprawling and ancient Volfost Marsh. With Lord Baqus’s team of Houndsmen and a pack of rabid scale-beasts at her heels, Taran finds herself lost deep in the tangled darkness of the swamp. It isn’t until the Houndsmen have her cornered that help comes from an unlikely source – a source that could become her greatest ally. This action-fantasy story features a fast-paced narrative and some many-limbed erotica.

Click the link above to read, or go to Amazon UK | Amazon US to pick up the ebook. As soon as the audio version is released I will post a link.

I would love to hear what you think of this story. It’s a little out of my usual zone of interest, but it was immense fun to write!

Story Sale: Affinity Entwined (House of Erotica)

I’m exceedingly happy to announce (officially) that my short fantasy erotica story Affinity Entwined will be published at House of Erotica! Release is TBC, but I will keep this blog updated as and when I find out more. There’s additional news about this story: there will be an audiobook version, too. I’ve never had a story turned into an audiobook; I’m ridiculously excited. You can find the House of Erotica’s audiobook library here.

To wet your whistle, here is a little excerpt from Affinity Entwined:

It was just her and him, two warriors locked in the clutches of battle adrenaline, seeking catharsis in the aftermath. She imagined how incredibly powerful he must have been in man-form for him to have transformed into such a great creature as this.

He pushed her thighs open wider and, with that, ducked his strange head and buried his sleek warm face into her folds.

Affinity Entwined is a story of warriors, a swamp, unlikely allies, erotica and tentacles.

Fiction Follow-Up: Refrain, in Like A Spell Volume 3: Air

I should have an announcement about a new story very soon (so excited!), but for now I am doing a quick callback to a story that has been out in the erotica stream for three months, for anyone who is new to my site or missed my previous posts. Refrain was published in the Circlet Press anthology series Like A Spell, in volume 3: Air. It’s a magical fantasy erotica aimed at anyone interested in sexy witchcraft and wizardry.

Like A Spell Vol. 3: Air, from Circlet Press. You can pick up the book at their website, or on Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble.

My story Refrain is a 6770 word fantasy erotica story about a modern day witch who brews potions for the lost and lovesick. When a lonely gentleman reaches out to her for a remedy, she starts to question which one of them needs it more.

I also posted a playlist of songs I listened to while working on Refrain, which provided the atmosphere I needed to write about Marlene and her eclectic little living space. I hope you enjoy!

[WIP] A Magical Fantasy Erotica

I haven’t had a great deal of time to dedicate to my longer stories lately, although I have been poking at an on-going project, a magical erotica fantasy novella that I am utterly in love with (and hope you will be too, eventually!). It’s packed with mystery and wonder, and lots of fairies. Here is a snippet.

From The Midnight Court, by V. A. Cates.

“I see you have acquired a taste for our special brand of mead,” Jack said. “Can’t say I like the stuff, myself. Too sweet for my palette. The ingredients come from the Prince’s personal apiary.”

The mead trickled through Eva’s veins like syrup and made her head dance, exactly how Jack had twirled and danced her through the crowd. When she put down her glass, he took her by the hand again and spun her back into the dance. His arm, though wiry, was as cold and solid as iron. He pulled her close and held her to him, but his angular body made it difficult for her to truly relax into the steps—when they moved, she had to shift to accommodate his sharp hipbone and the jut of his chest. Jack dipped her backwards at a crescendo, and as she came back up he met her mouth with his.

I’m just over 10k words in and I anticipate another 1-2k words until I reach the end. This weekend I’m setting aside some time to finish the first draft, before edits can start. Wish me luck!

Like A Spell Volume 3: Air Now Has A Goodreads Page

Just a little heads up that the Circlet Press anthology Like A Spell Volume 3: Air now has its own book page on Goodreads, which you can find here.

My short magical erotica story Refrain features in the anthology. If you’ve read volume 3 and you have a spare moment, we would love to hear what you thought of it. You can post reviews and comments on Goodreads, or on any of the other platforms where you can buy the book:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble

This is my first erotic story sale so I am obviously eager to market it as widely as possible – hopefully without being too annoying. If you know of any additional venues the anthology might be of interest let me know!


[Story Snippet] Shapeshifters

This is an excerpt from a short shapeshifter story that’s currently out in the submission ether, trying to find a home. I wrote it at the end of last year and hope to be able to share it with readers some day soon! It’s called Bearskin, and you can see the cover I designed for it here.

He knelt naked on the porch in a pool of splintered bone and coarse blood-soaked fur. Chunky snowflakes landed on him and melted, streaking the blood that marbled his skin. His ribs heaved from exertion. Shadows cut along the ridges of his muscles, his broad shoulders, his thick arms, the jut of a hipbone.

Rae could not see his face yet, his wet black hair hanging low where he bent his head forward.

“Hey,” she said, dropping to one knee and touching the top of his head. “You’ll freeze out here.” She pushed his damp hair out of the way.

He raised his face and stared at her, his dark eyes bleary but curious. His angular chin and high cheekbones were familiar to her now, though he had no name.

I will keep this blog updated on submission progress. In other news, I just submitted my tentacle erotica story to a publisher. Fingers crossed!

A Quicker Creative Output Than Expected

A few weeks ago I blogged about having a slower writing output in recent years, due to a number of life changes. Awesome life changes, don’t get me wrong, but time-consuming ones. Sometimes in idly talking about something you figure out ways to shift and shuffle, and look at problems from a new angle.

Writing that post got me thinking about ways that I could seize more hours to work on creative projects – namely writing projects. This led to me rearranging a few of my hobbies and interests, and adjusting a few priority levels. It’s a bit like fiddling with one of those old stackable stereo equalizers, with all the toggles you just can’t help but constantly tweak.

I basically did that with my life.

Now, suddenly, my output has easily quadrupled. I’m writing almost every day for at least half an hour, sometimes more. I’m finishing short fiction, and even working on a couple of novella-length pieces. Writing is a joy again because I don’t have to keep putting it off or convincing myself that I will get around to it (when I clearly won’t).

The thing is, I haven’t actually changed anything fundamental. I still do all the things I did before; it’s just that some of them, I do a tiny bit less. Five minutes less of this, and five minutes less of that, equals ten minutes to write. Chipping nuggets of time out of a day and using it wisely and for something that makes me happy.

If you’ve been struggling to find time to write, maybe give this a try. You’d be amazed how many tokens of time you can find buried under the couch cushions.


Refrain Playlist

Another thing I do when writing a story is create a playlist to listen to while I work. Usually the songs run along a similar style, sound or lyrical theme. Sometimes it’s not even about the lyrics, but about the music and the type of vibe it evokes.

The following list comprises the songs I mainly listened to while writing Refrain (full of magic and witchy bittersweetness).

Inertia Creeps,” by Massive Attack.

Glorybox,” by Portishead.

Hunter,” by Björk.

How Do,” by Sneaker Pimps.

Paradise Circus,” by Massive Attack.

Born to Die,” by Lana Del Rey.

I imagined Marlene’s music tastes to be fairly eclectic, given her history, though I think she would often come back to the more ambient, bassy, trip-hoppy sounds (relaxing yet galvanising; perfect for long hours brewing potions). Enjoy, and please let me know what you think of the anthology if you’ve read it.

[Publication] Erotic Anthology: Like A Spell Vol.3: Air

I’m ridiculously excited to announce that the third instalment of the erotic fantasy anthology series Like A Spell is now out, and it contains my short story Refrain! I have a huge amount of respect for the publisher Circlet Press and everything they do, so to be part of one of their collections is just wonderful (especially as it was my first erotica sale!).

The call for submissions asked for magical stories featuring new spins on witches and wizards. The idea of a modern day witch who made a small living brewing potions immediately sprang to mind. I imagined the most sought after potion would be for love, although the very concept of duping / forcing somebody to love you is troubling and problematic (and adds oodles of tension). A close runner up to the love potion would be the potion of forgetting. In fact, I imagine that more times than not the two would go hand-in-hand. Before I knew it Refrain was drafted and sent to my beta reader.

Of course I really hope you enjoy my story, but there are seven other terrific erotic stories in the anthology. I am lucky to sit alongside September Sui, A. D. R. Forte, Dee Maselle, Donovan Blake, Morrigan Cox, Mary Andrews and Kassandra Lea.

You can pick up the anthology from Circlet Press here. As soon as the book becomes available at other venues like Amazon I will post links.


Short Story Snippet: Tentacles

Sharing a snippet from a short erotic fantasy story I am currently writing. This features a warrior called Taran, a group of goons sent to capture her, and an unexpected creature who wakes up to fight by her side. I’m currently in the editing stage which is fun, though a part of me just wants this out the door now so I can move on to the next idea!

Title: (Currently untitled)
Author: V. A. Cates
Genre: Fantasy erotica

Taran remembered stories her father told her and her brothers about a powerful army that marched on the land six-hundred years ago. At the time Volfost was ruled by Magi Lords, all of whom were knowledgeable in long-forgotten arts. They crafted incantations to turn the army into strange beasts of all shapes and sizes, doomed forever to inhabit the forests and swamps of the world. The creatures had once been strong, virile men—warriors like her.

The creature blinked, the very tip of its tentacle drawing circles in the mud covering her shoulder. Far back in his gaze she saw intellect, suffering, an expanse of memory stretching back father than she could fathom.

A second tentacle slipped smoothly around her right leg below the knee and she swallowed.

“You weren’t always this way, were you?” she said, not really expecting him to be able to reply.

Instead, he slid the tentacle up over her knee, curling it around her thigh.

Fingers crossed my little story will sell and I can eventually share the entire thing!

Some High Class Eye-Candy For The Discerning Lady (or Man)

The following websites contain the height of tasteful eye-candy, for all the discerning ladies and gentlemen out there.

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend“Where early photography meets extreme hotness.” This site posted many images of handsome vintage men. This would be a great resource for anyone writing historical erotic fiction (or any kind of historical fiction, for that matter). Sadly it hasn’t been updated since 2016, although there is a huge backlog of posts to enjoy so have at!

Bangable Dudes in History – Similar to My Daguerreotype Boyfriend, this website posted vintage photographs of particularly tasty people, both male and female. It is also now defunct but retains a hearty backlog of eye-candy.

Vintage Hot Men – This is a Pinterest board chock full of old photographs of top-quality totty. Not to be missed.

Disclaimer: of course this post is written tongue-in-cheek and is intended for lighthearted entertainment purposes. Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder.

Online Adult Toy and Clothing Shops

During my time on Twitter I’ve been followed by or found a handful of online stores where you can purchase adult toys, clothing and other NSFW paraphernalia. I haven’t bought things from all of these venues so I cannot vouch for the quality of their products, but here are a few sites of interest.

Lovehoney – Contrary to my last sentence above, I have bought items from this website and I can attest that their service is excellent, despatch fast, and the products are top-quality. This is a UK store and I’m not sure they ship worldwide but it’s worth checking.

Boxes of Fun – A UK-based adult toy shop selling a wide range of products. Similar items to Lovehoney. They offer “Quality erotic adult toys at affordable prices.”

Passion Discreet – Another UK-based lingerie and sex toy shop which ships worldwide (hurray!). Prices vary but they seem to have a nice selection on offer. And did I mention they ship worldwide?

Twilight Secrets – UK-based site selling sex toys. What I found interesting was their pinned tweet: Did you know that we price match? Send us a link to an item and we will beat the price!”

Thrills Fulfilled – An adult toy store owned and run by women, where their focus is on pleasure. This is a USA-based company.

I remember buying my first adult toy in my early 20s and going to collect it from the post depot. It was from Lovehoney and sealed in a discreet brown padded bag. Even so, I felt so deliciously naughty when the post worker handed it to me. I don’t get the same forbidden excitement from ordering lingerie and toys online these days, but I always recall that specific memory when I do.